Thursday, November 1, 2012

Do u ever wonder why someone is in your life? Is it a evil plot for your downfall? An helping hand to lift u up when needed?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm trying to be a nice guy, but the so called friend is making it harder for me.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

last night, I got the internet back in my apartment again. I haven't had it over three months. I'm happy. so far, so good

Friday, October 12, 2012

Just kidding, guys. That's black humor. LOL
Speaking of coke, have u notice that coke made their two litter bottle a little taller? I can't put four down below in the icebox door
I drank lots and lots of coke. Yes, it made me to use the restroom that often. It always happen that way. I sure love coke
the power went off for a second at the apartment. oh, man. i got very scared that I ran to the bed and hid under the covers for two seconds!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Somehow, I got a computer virus on the desktop. Damn! That sucks. I can't go on some sites, like Facebook. The date was January 1 2010
Earlier today, I said there's no first TV cancelation so far. Low and behold, CBS cancelled Made In Jersey today. I'm that good!
I'm surprised there's no first TV cancelation yet. It have been a month since the new TV season started.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Now, I think I know why I couldn't download my pictures on the desktop computer. It wasn't in sync on the old iphone
My old iPhone is full of memory. I can't update anything. I have the new iPhone5. I must delete some apps from the iPhone.
My hands are cold. I forgot to wrap the blended ice pumpkin spice latte with a napkin. starbucks
I'm trying to upload a pic on @instragram. Somehow. It's not working on the new iphone5.
Mike forgot his work shirt. I must bring it to him on the bus to downtown. The things I do for my friends.
I called Brian. He didn't pick up. He didn't know who was calling. I understood. I will do the same thing. We fixed it in a email
My heart breaks for Nicole
Some people doesn't come prepare on Judge Judy.
We are not famous. She made an Indiana Jones reference. She doesn't get in trouble. When I make one, I got in trouble. unfair
I do pop culture reference or any other reference on the web. Some people get mad & believed it's a threat. Are they kidding me?
I came from downtown LA. I checked my answer machine. Sprint called. I was home about five minutes. Then, I went back to downtown.
I came from downtown LA. I checked my answer machine. Sprint called. I was hole about five minutes. Then, I went back to downtown.
Good night. Sweet dreams. Have a great tomorrow

Monday, October 8, 2012

Don't give up the ship. If u don't apologize, I will punch u in the nose.
Medication time!
I'm not paying any attention to dwts dancing with the stars all stars. I'm playing with the new iPhone5. Too much fun in bed
Good evening! How is everyone?
Lee & I went to the clinic. It was closed. One hour ago, I said let's get off on Santa Monica & Vine. Then, my place. He didn't listen
I think I go to the police station soon. I want to kill some oink oink pigs. That should be fun. They can't arrest me. Pretty great
Now, Lee want me to go with him to the hospital. He didn't say that this morning. All he said pick up his new glasses.
Lee thought getting a gift card for the iphone is a stupid move. Yeah, right. It guarantee me a iphone5 on the waiting list.
Happy turkey day, Canada! Gobble. Gobble. thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!
The iphone5 problems is coming from AT&T, not sprint or verizon. I haven't hear nothing from sprint. I should get it any way.
I keep on hearing about iphone5 problems. It seems like a new problem pops up every week. I can't it let to persuade me. unsure

Sunday, October 7, 2012

U can beat me to death. I won't reveal any deathly secrets. It won't matter at all. I will be dead & long gone from earth. RIP
U could learn about someone after their death. There are still some things u don't know about me. I will take the secrets to the grave
The Fonz is hawking the reverse mortgage on antennatv. I really don't understand it. I think it's a big rip off for the elderly.
@PhilKeoghan the racers is on the same flight as u. Can they talk to u during the flight? amazingrace
Don't forget that the amazing race is on CBS tonight. @PhilKeoghan is LIVE tweeting during the east coast broadcast right now
A lady woke me up from my nap. I'm not a doctor. I don't play one on TV either. Damn it!
Talking about it doesn't mean I'm talking about it. It's not what it seem. Altogether, it could mean something else.
Don't u love @MorgonFreeman? his tweets are very inspirational
It's funny that some people don't get my sick & twisted black humor. WTF! Oh well. Don't get mad, get even. LOL
U are forewarned. I'm about to blow up a place. It won't be that pretty. Any minute, I will be sky high into the heavens. So long!
Mike made Fish, pasta and corn with tomato for lunch.
Mike thought I'm kidding about the damn fly. I wished I was. His fabulous cooking always attracts the flies. Damn him. It's his fault
There's a fly in the apartment. He's bugging me. I explained to Mike. He said he will close the door. I said don't forget to fly away.
Do I have to pay for the same apps on the sprint iPhone? My old iphone is AT&T. Does both iPhones have the same App Store? help me
How can someone blackmail me? There is nothing to blackmail with. Besides, I'm a open book. Anyone can read me like the filth i am!
Someone else recognized the three stooges theme song sounds like the three blind mice. I said that long time ago. LOL
I want to bed with the three stooges last night. I woke up with the three stooges this morning. LOL. antennatv
Mike claimed I'm in another world. I agreed. My world is peaceful and love. He mentioned I'm confused with HIS world instead. LOL
I'm glad I don't live in Canada. It feel mighty weird to celebrate Thanksgiving on a Monday in October!
This year, Canadian Thanksgiving falls on Monday, Oct 8, 2012. Canada
I got my Canada holidays messed up. I thought xmas is this month. It's thanksgiving. That's tomorrow. Happy early thanksgiving, Canada
mittromney is a heartless bastard. How will he feel if we cut off his arms & legs and throw him from the plane to his death?
@mittromney likes bigbird, but he will cut off funding. He hate Big Bird, cut off the wings & throw him from the nest to his death.
@mittromney, new USA president? There will be sad kids around the world, pist off parents & bigbird is the newest @angrybirds
@mittromney is the new president? There will be sad kids around the world, pist off parents and bigbird is the newest @angrybirds

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Seesmic really messed up things for all users. Now, we can NOT send tweets everywhere to plurk, myspace, friendfeed & more
Then, I must disconnect YouTube to Facebook, then the video will go from YouTube to twitter to Facebook. Isn't it confusing?
If I change my name, I must reroute the tweets & stop using the pingle app altogether. I can connect twitter to Facebook, only use twitter.
I want to shorten my twitter name. The pingle app won't send any tweet, only to scareykatt. I'm up the creek w/ no paddle. Damn!
What is your favorite slurpee from 7/11? I like the mango and the cherry flavors. Do u ever put vodka in yours? I do sometimes.
There's something wrong with my alarm clock. It was set for 9 AM. I turned it off a while ago. It still went off at 9 AM. LOL

Friday, October 5, 2012

It's wrong that @joelosteen is gaybashing w/ the bible. That's not God's love. God created everyone in his own image. God is gay.
It's wrong that @joelosteen is gaybashing w/ the bible. That's not God's love. God created everyone in his own image. God is gay.
What is your favorite word? My favorite word is cocktail. I love them both. Hint! Hint! LOL
I tend to stay out of other people's drama. I have my own drama to deal with. Why add theirs to mine? I must focus on me.
Personally, I'm NOT attacking the bodybuilder escort. It's NOT my preference. It's a turnoff.
Yes, guys, too much muscles on a guy or a woman is a turnoff. It look disgusting!
this bodybuilder escort want sex. No thanx. I don't like too much muscles on any guy. It's a huge turnoff.
As long there is no Hope, Liam & Steffy on an episode of bb Bold & Beautiful, it's an awesome day to watch. Today was great!
This is odd. When EJ DiMera get beat up, his bruises & cuts disappears after a day. Yet, Nick Fallon still have his after a week. days
Zynga stock plummets below value of its cash and real estate zynga. latimes. farmville. farmville2
Wow! Ridge didn't come back at all. He need some time off from fashion and Los Angeles. Thomas is the new CEO. Rick hates that
Brooke is back without Ridge. The fashion company will name a new CEO. Like always, it's a cliffhanger and wait until Monday

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Each passing day, I'm getting closer to my dreams. I'm almost within reach that I will love it to my death. It's my new love of life
Someone called me a damn failure! Really? I'm not one. I may not be working, but I have my apartment over 10 years. I'm winning
Everything on the web is there for good. In other words, it's on the web forever. Be careful what u post. Trouble may not be far.
I shouldn't left the door open. A damn fly is in the house. Kill the fly! All this time, there's no screen door at my apartment.
I believed the email from is SPAM. I checked on the web.
I believed the email from is SPAM. I checked on the web.
I must call AT&T to cancel my Internet at home. I really need to go out more than staying home all the time. It will do me some good

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The blue team lost on survivor again. Three weeks in a row. I think the first merge is next week.
I haven't play diablo3 in a few months. I don't like that game. It's no longer on my computer. I felt like blizzard ruined the game
Donna loves to watching people having sex through a window. She gave new meaning to peeping Tom. I bet she want a threesome
@SimonCowell is brutally honest! He is the best mean truthfully judge on any talent reality show. I love him on @AmericanIdol & @thexfactor

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mike is going straight home after work tonight. He haven't been home in a few days. Hmm, I wondered where he was. Silly me. LOL
I can't wait for the iphone. I love the camera. I will take more pictures and post it on the web. FaceTime will be awesome!
ABC is messing up on my TV. It always happen w/ ABC. I'm tempted to look online to see who was kick off dwts tonight. spoilers
The rabbit test. Whatever the fuck it is! I don't need some damn rabbit test. I'm not equip for it. Probing, yes. That's about it
Yesterday, sprint mentioned I must buy a gift card for the iphone5 in order to get on the waiting list. They will call me next week
Sami Brady claimed she want to focus on her life. Yet, she is still chasing every men in sight. That slut! days

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Chinese restaurant always pack the food to the very top. I ate shrimp fried rice for lunch & supper
how dare u! UFO is as real as the x files, where u know the truth is out there. U can ask Fox Mulder & Dana Scully. xfiles
I also got prepaid minutes at tmobile too. That's for my drug lord. Seriously, I can call from the mothership anytime.
I went to sprint. The iphone5 is still out of stock. I'm on the waiting list. 35 people are ahead of me. I brought a gift card for it.
This is the sprint plan. $79.99 for 450 minutes w/ unlimited texting and data. That plan is much better.
Hopefully, I can get the iphone5 this month. My old iPhone is three year old. It's time to get a new iPhone. It could be in stock.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm NOT judging anyone. I'm telling it like it is. I'm speaking from experience. Anyone could learn something from me. Got that?
The light was green. I walked across the street w/ my groceries. A firetruck was coming. I ran in front of the firetruck. It was close
I should have stay on the corner. Yes, I'm not a prostitute. For the first time, a firetruck was coming & I ran across the street!
The moment I found out I had HIV, I was NOT surprised or shocked. I knew I had the virus, thanx to my heroin drug use w/ the needles
Something is making me sick. It must be the Sunday medication. Most times, I felt sick after I take it. I'm glad it's only for Sunday
Don't u hate that some people tell u to stop complaining? Think again, guys! I'm not complaining. I was merely stating a fact.
One month ago, Mike moved out of my apartment in Hollywood. It's a good thing too. It's best not to live together any more. No drama
It's only 9:48 AM in Hollywood. I'm falling asleep in bed. I didn't sleep good last night. A nap may be in order soon. I hate naps
I have many regrets in life. There's nothing I could do about it. I can't let the regrets tie me down to the past. I must move forward
It's okay for a grown man to cry. Never let anyone to tell u any difference. We all need to shed a tear once in a while.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

I will settle for the amazing race. It's an adventure every week. You will be on the edge of your seat each time. That's a fact!
I won't last on Survivor. I will do great on big brother. Then again, I will go stir crazy living in a bb house for 3 months.
my mom got married long time ago, but not to my dad. Sadly, I'm still a damn bastard. Yes, guys, u can call me a bastard! LOL
If u r worried about getting HIV, why are u having bareback sex? U know damn well there are STDs. Be responsible for your actions
Mike just called me. He loves his new job. He enjoyed it very much. I'm proud of him. He's working this afternoon at 4
If I could be anywhere on this planet right now, I will be blasting off on the mothership and never return, except to probe.
It's possible to kill someone in 4 states at the same time. Go to four corners! LOL. murder. utah. colorado. arizona. newmexico
Good night. Sweet dreams. Have a wonderful weekend

Friday, September 28, 2012

I wanted to see Mary Tyler Moore on metv. The damn digital box messed up the channel. It happen at different times.
Watching the xfactor on fox. Damn! that white guy sucks. The black guy before him sung better country singing than him. LOL
Carmageddon 2 is happening right now. Can history repeat itself like last year?
The Amazing Race start this Sunday at 8 pm on CBS. I always wanted to on that show. In the health I am, forget it now
How many times does boring Hope & Liam have the same boring talk all the time? Move on, damn it! bb @BandB_CBS
I guessed mike is still sleeping. I want to know about his first day at work yesterday. Maybe, he will call or stop by before work today
We had another damn car chase in Los Angeles. I didn't watch it. I found about it on twitter after it happened. I'm sick of them!
Good morning! I need to pick up my drugs. I ran out yesterday. I really need it to get through the days. I can't live w/o it.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Great day! badpiggies came out. The 10,000 episode of yr The Young & The Restless. Mike's first day at work. Pure awesome!
I finally got my first ever three stars on @badpiggies. It was level 13. badpiggies angrybirds
@BadPiggies is out today for .99 cent. badpiggies. angrybirds.
Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Good night! Wherever u are at, please have a awesome morning, afternoon, evening and night!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I made a baked potato. The sour cream is no good at all. I'm using kraft mayonnaise
I'm surprised that @jeffprobst is not LIVE tweeting during survivor right now. Maybe, he will do it on the west coast instead.
I think I'm coming down with something. I don't feel that great. A fever may be coming soon. sick. flu.
I'm missing days for @TheTalk_CBS. Why? @JoshuaMorrowYR & @sharonlcase is on thetalk today for yr 10,000 episode tomorrow

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bob Newhart wrote a check at the grocery store. Nowadays, most people use ATM card. I only write checks for rent.
I won't do nothing tomorrow, except watch my soaps I missed today. days of our lives, young & restless and bold & beautiful.
What a tiresome day! We went to the hospital; Mike need financial aide. No luck at Off Broadway Shoes. Success at Ross For Less
People wondered why I brought Mike some work clothes. He haven't work over a year. He have no money. I'm STILL a nice guy.
Ross Dress For Less is selling alcohol! How could it be? They sell clothes.
Xena: Warrior Princess the first and second seasons is on sale at Target. So much, I want to get the awesome show on DVD.
We had great success at Ross For Less. We got everything for his new job. Black shoes, black socks, black pants & black dress shirt.
U guys don't know how angry I'm getting. I'm tempted to leave him at Ross For Less without paying for his work clothes.
Mike start his new job this Thursday. He won't even last at the new job. That's a fact! That's the truth!
Mike is acting very strangely. U know what that mean. I don't have to say a thing. LOL
Off Broadway Shoes didn't have his shoes he want for work. We are looking for shoes at Ross For Less. He need a belt too.
Mike & me are going to a shoe store on Sunset & Orange. I will buy him new shoes for work. See. I'm still a nice guy. LOL

Monday, September 24, 2012

I felt like throwing up. I have a upset stomach.
Mike haven't work over a year. I'm proud of him. He used the Internet to look for a job. Sometimes, he apply in person too. newjob
Great news! Mike had a job interview at 3 PM today. He got a new job at a restaurant. He start this Thursday. I'm happy for him.

Friday, September 21, 2012

days of our lives will be shown at 3 AM tomorrow for the Los Angeles & Hollywood soap viewers on NBC channel 4
spottheshuttle two great things happened today in Los Angeles & Hollywood. endeavour and iphone5.
spottheshuttle two great things happened today in Los Angeles & Hollywood. endeavour and iphone5.

Monday, September 17, 2012

a different path by steve carey. Hollywood disease heroin relationship AIDS HIV gay friends family

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I watch the first episode of ANTM America's Next Top Model - The College Edition. No thanx. Bring back @MrJayManuel & the rest!
Some friends are low class losers! I need better friends. They want to drag me down to their level! No thanks! I don't do drugs!
I don't care if I don't have muscles, fancy clothes, cars, the looks; I'm happy with the person i am. There are no bouts about it.
I may not have the model look or whatever; it's about how I truly feel about myself. I must be happy with myself. No one else!
This alien won't zapped you out of this world UNLESS you do me wrong! I will kidnap u on earth. I will probe u on the mothership!
I kept on driving to somewhere confused or I may end up on the right road to an peaceful place I could call home wherever it might be.
My beliefs & opinions are NOT an attack on people. It's what they are. Take that as face value. I'm not judging anyone.
To be on the safe side, do NOT believe every u read! U will look foolish if u do! By the way, the end of the world is at Midnight!
I'm extremely bored w/ life. I must find something to do. Seriously, the boredom will kill me instantly. Sooner than u think. Like now!
If Carl Winslow is a good police officer on family matters, he would have look for his missing daughter, Judy. Worst Cop Ever!
I would do anything for you. I could be a part of the "Vampire Clan." I love to suck more than blood! Just call me Suckular! weho

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I don't think I can stay up for snl tonight. I'm falling asleep on the couch. So much, I want to see @frank_ocean.
I hurt my tiny toe on the right foot. I accidentally hit something.
It looked like twitter is down.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mork & Mindy debuted on ABC on September 14, 1978, Thursday! Nanu Nanu! mork ork nanu
Forty years ago, The Waltons debuted on @CBS on September 14, 1972, Thursday! waltons cbs johnboy family

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Never leave a unattended boiling milk on the stove for a minute. It could get bigger like mine.
I don't want to know how old u are. Age is a number. If u r under 18, forget it. I don't want jailbait. Please no saturate rape
I can be sweet. I can be loving. I can be hateful. I can be nice. I can be mean. Always be on my good side. U don't want to see my ugly side

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My ears was bleeding. The blond bitch deafens my ears. I was dying for mercy. Please stop! xfactor
Some people are returning the stolen money from the bank robbery pursuit. That's pretty smart! KTLA LAPD
I hate waking up early. Let's someone eat the disgusting worm.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm not interest in a relationship or sex. I must rebuild my life without someone toxic. That's important to me. I must come first
warning. A fair warning. If u don't want any spoilers before the TV show start every night, do NOT be on the Internet!
@SimonCowell & @britneyspears is on @TheEllenShow to talk about the second premiere of @TheXFactorUSA on FOX Wednesday & Thursday
I must let go of the anger and the resentment in order to move forward w/ my life. It's not helping matters to hold onto the past

Monday, September 10, 2012

I better put down twitter & watch thevoice on NBC. The iphone is distracting me, but not as much as @therealxtina's boobs!
thevoice the female country singer went to Blake Shelton. No surprise there. Shock me to the fierce hell!
thevoice third season. Love the black singer. It's so moving! I really thought she was a guy. LOL gay
Does anyone know how to fix this ongoing problem? The RCA digital box is causing it every day at 7 PM on antennatv
Mike can't find his black bag. He forgot where we put it. I have no ideal either. It have been over two years since he moved back
Mike is packing up more stuff. We are being civilized. No fighting. LOL. Fighting is a waste of time. There's no point to fighting.
I must go to a "special effects" place in Hollywood. I can make Mike to disappear forever. I won't get in big trouble w/ the police
DMV called my number, G101. I went to window 16. I paid $26 for the new driver's license. I took a pic. It will come in 10 days.
An Asian couple have a cute dog at DMV, where dogs are NOT allowed. They didn't get in trouble. Top it all, neither of them was blind.
DMV is boring as hell. I'm still waiting for a driver's license. I think one more hour to go. My number is G101. It's now G075.
I'm not complaining. I was merely stating a fact.
I believed I can NOT have SSI supplemental security income AND medicaid as long I'm over the $2,000 limit at the bank. That sucks
I'm on the way to social security office to deal with the government stealing $707 from my bank account. I'm majorly mad. SSI

Friday, September 7, 2012

Killing someone is easy. Covering up the murder is hard. Solving the murder mystery is harder. Getting someone like perrymason is hardest
I may take a nap soon. I'm getting sleepy. I really hate naps. It's very hard to fall asleep at night.
Today is one full week w/o Mike at my apartment. Seriously, he moved out on August 30, 2012, Thursday night. I don't miss him
I came back from grocery shopping. It's already too hot. I'm sweating big time. The fan is on me.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I hate when I can't get some TV channels. I can't watch my shows. I hate when the channel keep on messing up. Sometimes, digital TV sucks!
I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It's very scary.
I mopped the floor in the apartment. I use bleach on the floor. I need to buy more bleach. I ran out. Mopping is tiresome. LOL

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I don't like when some tv seasons are split into volumes on DVD. I won't buy them at all. Just put the whole season on DVD
I turned on the AC. So badly, I want to throw up. It can't be the chicken soup. My body is still not agreeing w/ the drugs. It's too much!
Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Good night! Wherever u are at, please have a awesome morning, afternoon, evening & night!

Monday, September 3, 2012

What a boring day, just like my life. I don't want that drama I went through for a long time. No more drama! From now on, peace
The best thing about cell phones. We can call from anywhere! The worst thing. We don't know where the stalker is calling from.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I have a bad temper. All the anger I built throughout the years. Sadly, the anger comes from the toxic relationship w/ Mike.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I started to follow someone. @chunknugget have 666 tweets! Dear Lord! Why me? That's bad omen!
I'm trying to send a tweet with a picture on tweetdeck. It's taking forever! I don't have all night. I need my beauty sleep
dishes are piling up. I'm soaking them right now.
My dishes are piling up. Am I lazy or what?

Friday, August 31, 2012

Nikki: OMG! You can walk. Jack: Yes, I can. I'm walking away from u. Classic Jack Abbott. I love him on young & restless. yr
How can I wash my favorite bathroom rug? I don't want to throw it away.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm not being mean or hateful about Mike. Just realistic. I know him since 1999. He was like that, even before I met him. alcoholic
I wished the best for Mike. I don't think he's serious of getting help. Sadly, his main concern is a job. He must get help first!
Mike showed his bruise on his right arm at the bus stop. The bruise was black. He is a danger to himself.
At the bus stop with Mike on Alvarado & Sunset for bus 200. There was police activity in the same area.
Mike looked through his stuff tonight. He was packing too. He's on the way to his brother's place right now.
At the bus stop at Sunset & Alvarado w/ Mike. Bus 200. The police arrested someone at the liquid store. It's not Mike. LOL
I'm taking him to the bus. The bag is too heavy for him. His back is hurting. I'm tempted to say "stay the night & leave in the AM"
Mike think he's bad. He is not. He have an alcohol problem. He's not a violent drunk. He must be serious and stop drinking
I let Mike in the apartment. He didn't want to come in. I gave him some bus fare. He want to live w/ his brother. He's leaving soon.
I was taping the phone call. Mike called again. He's outside.
Mike called few minutes ago. I didn't pick up the phone. He claimed "he didn't know what he did." Do I have to spell it out?