Wednesday, June 6, 2012

U heard it right. This poor white trash is going to get an iphone soon. I can afford it. I need to donate some blood every month!
I need to look for my bank statements. It's that time of the year. The annual recertificaton for my section8 apartment.
Watching The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show and The Jack Benny Show on Antenna TV. I sure love the classics. Then, bed time.
It's so freaking true that when the pussy is away, the mouse will play. I'm living proof of that famous quote. No more drugs!
sometimes, I'm stupid. I thought i was getting double points on frontierville. Nope! I used the wrong guy. I still have 3 hours left!
It's so easy to put things off until tomorrow because we are too damn lazy to do the things today. Ain't that the truth!
I am one of those faces that says "Don't look to me with those sad eyes, I'm dying, but I still look fabulous no matter what".
Oh, man! The things I do for my friends! It's one for the books! LO
Very sad, indeed! Some people are telling others that they are going to hell for who they are. What low lifes!
Please stop treating me like crap. I won't say THOSE things about u. I really can do damage on the web. Trust me! LOL
I'm writing stories about my friends, but it's fictional. When the stories become FACT, it's real life. No rumors, just fictional!
Once I start to believe it, there is no changing my mind. I'm a no good son of a bitch with a drug problem. That I believe. LOL
I planted some crops on frontierville. Sadly, the blasted internet showed up. Once again, I need to plant the crops again! DAMN!
frontierville continues keep on crashing on me. @zynga really need to fix the problem. i'm tired of dealing with it all the time!
hopefully, I will go to sleep soon. i'm taking a beating. i can't go on like this. i really need my sleep.
I'm poor white trash! My dog is very hungry. I can't afford to buy some dog food. Please help. I will eat the dog food too!
Chase Bank charged me a $10 fee! That's ain't right. I have direct deposit. Therefore, my checking account is free.
With a monthly direct deposit of $500 or more, there won't be a $10 fee at Chase. My direct deposit is over $500 each month! I'M UPSET!
I'm slipping away to parts unknown, where I may never escape the turmoil & danger of the most twisted mind known to mankind.
OMG! I killed a fox. I think I sell the fur. After all, I need lots of money to support my heroin habit. Don't tell PETA!
Please do NOT download the new version of internet explorer. It's giving me big problems all evening long. the new version sucks!
going to bed soon. i'm slowly getting there. i want to finish up frontierville first. knowing me, it will take a while. LOL
Few hours ago, I mentioned I will go to bed, but guess what? I am still playing frontierville on facebook. That game is addicting!
what happened to the frontierville posts? I have not been getting NONE on the feed. no one can help me right now. I'm crying! help me!
I'm tired of building building building & building on frontierville. Enough Already, Zynga! Let's play the game! LOL
I need a secret weapon to kick people's asses. Let it be the talent whatever I have. It's the best revenge ever! Oh, yeah!
Tom can be stupid at times. He is convinced that Vermont goes to Santa Monica Beach. Nope. It goes the other direction.
the movie was so damn boring that Annie fell asleep! I will do the same thing right now. I think I fall asleep to Annie. Annie is BORING!
Damn! Frontierville will NOT load on internet explorer. It kept on crashing. I need to do the farm before the aliens come to pick me up.
I have the perfect song for the ending of the world. The song is The Finale Countdown by Europe! I always like that song.
Oh, no! I wished the aliens will hurry up to pick me up. I think they are lost on the mothership somewhere! UFO
Shower time. I will NOT innocence drop the soap. I will do it on purpose.
Shower time. I will NOT innocence drop the soap. I will do it on purpose.
Going to the doctor's appointment in Hollywood, where my desire for fame erupts to parts unknown whether the dreams lives or dies
I don't think I ever rent movies from the library again. Step Brothers was messing up. It's best to rent movies from Blockbusters

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Don't expect a DROP DEAD gorgeous guy.

I am average.

Now, you know what you are EXPECTING!

This is Hollywood, the land of MAKE BELIEVE.
If someone put themselves on the web, it's not an invasion of privacy. They are letting people to enter their world.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Going to return the three movies at the library. Black Swan, Step Brothers & Mama Mia. I have never saw those movies before.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I hoped I don't fall back into my depression. Losing a love can cause more damage. I believed it will be different. I was wrong
It must be my fault. Tom keep on going back to his first love. I might as well go to bed & cry myself to sleep. First love sucks!
What have I did wrong to deserve the worthless love? Once again, I'm second. His first love is more important than me. I'm depressed.
I'm pretty upset! Tom broke his promise again. I felt like I'm not good enough for him. I'm unworthy to be in love. I can't go on.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The nightmare is back. I caught Tom red handed tonight. I can't go through this hellish nightmare again. It's too stressful. AIDS
Stealing this. Stealing that. Stealing anything. Oops! Damn! that's a sin. Please, God, forgive my sinful nature. LOL
Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Back Together! Look at all the money she may inherit. Hello, the second coming of Anna Nicole Smith. LOL
OMG! I have ants in the pants! Get them off me! Take off my shorts, but leave the underwear! LOL
Good morning! Have a fabulous Saturday!
My nose is bleeding. I can always take them to JudgeJudy. Sue them millions of dollars. Or the nose insurance pay for a new nose

Friday, June 1, 2012

Another thing I'm out of the loop. Chase Bank ended $10 fee for Checking Account. Is this true? @HuffPostBiz
I haven't read archie comics since forever. Wow. Kevin Keller is the first openly gay person for Archie.
My 11:11 wish is unlimited wishes. Damn! I jinxed my wish! Yes, I'm a greedy bastard. I wished that wish will come true! LOL
the superheroes timelines are confusing, not the gay ones. LOL. @DCComics have so many universals that is extremely hard to keep track of
AlanScott come out of the closet today, Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) is wearing a greenlantern shirt. Both are gay. LOL
Sometimes, I overreacted about things that are no longer in my control, where I want the power back to destroy them in the process
All right! My favorite comedy is coming on FOX 11 for one full hour. Yes, I'm talking about the big bang theory. bigbang
Once I start playing diablo3 or World Of Warcraft, u won't be hearing from my big fat mouth. That's a good way to shut me up!
I haven't play diablo3 or world of warcraft in a few days. I have 5 months left on my warcraft subscription. I may not renew.
USA government is making a big deal out of gaymarriage and not the sisterwives. That's hypocrite of the USA government!
Taking out the trash. Jump in, pussy! I have never want u in the first place. Please, no claws on my natural beauty skin. LOL EJ is NOT a DiMera, he doesn't look like Stefano's father any more.
I couldn't keep my eyes off Days Of Our Lives during the whole hour. Also, everyone is stupid for touching the same gun. FINGERPRINTS!
What bible are they reading now? As I recalled, the bible said "A man and a woman, not FIVE women." LOL sisterwives
Isn't this IRONIC? Gays can NOT get married in all FIFTY states. BUT a man can married FIVE times at the same time! sisterwives
@LiamL1102 and his forgotten long lost gay son, Obsidian. greenlantern
My mistake. Batwoman is the lesbian, not batgirl. greenlantern
If I like your tweets on twitter, expect a new stalker. Oops, I mean, follower. I am a extremely bad leader. LOL
I still don't know why I watch Perry Mason. I'm not good solving the murders. I make a lousy lawyer. perrymason
NBC news interrupted Days of Our Lives two damn times. The JohnEdwards case is NOT an emergency! Save it for the evening news!
I think i become a Bigamist. I'm already married. I have to impregnate a lady. Then, another. And another. And another. Great ideal!
Good morning! Have a fabulous Friday!