Friday, August 31, 2012

Nikki: OMG! You can walk. Jack: Yes, I can. I'm walking away from u. Classic Jack Abbott. I love him on young & restless. yr
How can I wash my favorite bathroom rug? I don't want to throw it away.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm not being mean or hateful about Mike. Just realistic. I know him since 1999. He was like that, even before I met him. alcoholic
I wished the best for Mike. I don't think he's serious of getting help. Sadly, his main concern is a job. He must get help first!
Mike showed his bruise on his right arm at the bus stop. The bruise was black. He is a danger to himself.
At the bus stop with Mike on Alvarado & Sunset for bus 200. There was police activity in the same area.
Mike looked through his stuff tonight. He was packing too. He's on the way to his brother's place right now.
At the bus stop at Sunset & Alvarado w/ Mike. Bus 200. The police arrested someone at the liquid store. It's not Mike. LOL
I'm taking him to the bus. The bag is too heavy for him. His back is hurting. I'm tempted to say "stay the night & leave in the AM"
Mike think he's bad. He is not. He have an alcohol problem. He's not a violent drunk. He must be serious and stop drinking
I let Mike in the apartment. He didn't want to come in. I gave him some bus fare. He want to live w/ his brother. He's leaving soon.
I was taping the phone call. Mike called again. He's outside.
Mike called few minutes ago. I didn't pick up the phone. He claimed "he didn't know what he did." Do I have to spell it out?
I went outside just now. It's nicely cool. Sadly, my apartment is a hot oven. Even with the fan on. It's still hot inside.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A lie can cost u your freedom. Isn't that right, Casey Anthony? Sadly, the truth doesn't set u free in this case. LOL caseyanthony
I love the French word, Fin. What a powerful word to use. That's my new motto for alcoholic Mike. The end of us, starting now. Fin
Life is quite different when u have a deadly disease. The disease will change one's life drastically for the better or the worst. LIVE LIFE!
The nurse said the security guard can take the bag to him in bed 8. It will be another 20 minutes. I gave him the bag & left. alcohol
The nurse want me to stay. Truthfully, I don't want to. There's nothing else I could do. The rest is up to Mike & the hospital
I told the hospital nurse that he took some medication w/ alcohol, plus he cough up some blood. I hoped he will stay for a few days
The firemen should have help us. I'm taking Mike to the hospital. I have his AIDS medication & vodka. I will say he took them together
I took him to the nearby fire station. I mentioned he was passed out. The fireman said let him go & he's walking. Very stupid!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Andrew De Leon was damn awesome on agt. I love everything about him. Awesome opera singer! Boo, @mrssosbourne
masterchef is a repeat. A new episode must be 9 PM. Well, u know what that mean! America's Got Talent! I haven't watch agt lately
I'm having popcorn for supper. I hate to cook. Mike normally cook for us. Since he's out of commission, thanx to alcohol, I must cook
I paid the rent this evening for next month. The rent went up to $227 from $220. The rent increase is every september
I'm watching Good Times on Antenna TV. Personality, I need more Good Times in my life. Please no more drama! Dyno-MITE!
I deleted the boss message. I won't tell Mike about his new job!
I will delete the message & send the NEW boss an email that Mike won't be able to work, thanx to his excessive alcohol problem
Mike didn't know he supposed to start his NEW job @ 2 PM yesterday. wasted alcoholic
Where that leaves Mike? He's in alcohol withdrawals and, perhaps, I laid unconscious on the floor. No one could help either of us.
I really need help w/ Mike. Last night, I fell down & landed on the TV stand face first. I could have busted my head wide opened.
All Mike's family is doing is searching for a rehab center. That's it. I'm not badmouthing. It's NOT enough. I need help w/ Mike
It's taking a toll on me - mentally & physically. Like I said, I can't do it all by myself. Mike's family have NOT offer to help w/ him
It's frustrating when no one in Mike's family want to help me at my place. I can't do it alone. It's too much to take. babysitting
I found shemales to be fascinating. There I said it. I'm proud to admit it.
Public message - Now, kids! U know the dangers of alcohol. It's no fun! Please get all your friends to follow me on twitter
Pubic message - Now, kids! U know the dangers of alcohol. It's no fun! Please get all your friends to follow me on twitter
I hoped Mike sleep for a long time. It's peaceful and quite. Mike, please don't disturb it. Or Mama said "knock u out!"
Some people are bound to repeat their history forever. They haven't learn the first time, second time, etc. What a vicious cycle!
There's nothing like lucyball to get u out of a bad situation. U will always get a smile & laugher every time. The Lucy Show on metv

Monday, August 27, 2012

Good night. Sweet dreams. I'm getting tired. I already know I won't get a full night sleep. Mike will wake me up during the night.
cle starts to sober up. As bad as it sounds you need to kick him out and have a restraining order. All we are doing is contributing to his needs. I know
we love him to much to see him struggle or see him out in the streets but its more painful to see him put himself in the predicament he is in.
Im sorry Kaz for having you go through this. You're such a great friend to my uncle and my uncle takes advantage of your kindness! Let me know when my un
Mike took isopropyl alcohol from the restroom & put it on the kitchen counter. I hoped he didn't drink any. Very dangerous
I'm few minutes late on my HIV medication for tonight. Mike haven't take his lately. His life is down the sewer again. atripla
It looks like another sleepless night tonight. Three nights in a row. There goes my beauty sleep again. I'm very sleep deprived
Mike doesn't have his bus ID & glasses any more. The hospital didn't have them when we went yesterday. I won't buy him more glasses
Mike hurt himself badly. There is blood in the restroom. I looked at his feet. The tiny toe on the left foot is bad.
What I'm facing. What Mike is facing. What we're facing together or separately. It's the real thing. Not acting, our reality & truth
mike is going through alcohol withdrawals right now. It will last 3 days. I think mike won't go to class this week. alcoholic
Mike missed both classes this morning. If he miss 3 days in a row; they will kick him out & place him on the waiting list
Mike was about to leave my apartment in his underwear. For sure, it will be a strike against me. I'm responsible for the guests
I did the right thing to delete the message. Any restaurant will thank me. No boss will hire an out of control alcoholic. That's Mike
Yes, guys. I deleted the message from the restaurant on Sunset Blvd. No new job. Mike's drinking is out of control. alcoholic
Restaurant offered Mike a job. I deleted the message. He won't hold down a job.
4:24 AM I'm going back to bed. I'm too damn tired. Did I tell u? Another sleepless night. I was NOT wrong. Please pray for Mike.
Sleep interruption #2
Sleep interruption #1 - mike want to know what happen to his glasses

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I better sleep now before Mike interrupts my beauty sleep throughout the night. I'm sleep deprived as late. Good night. Sweet dreams
For the first time ever, a drunken broken record! Who knew!?!
warning - never ever mix medication & alcohol together. It's a dangerous deadly combination. It could lead to YOUR death
HIV warning - mike is skipping his medication for a while now, thanx to his aggressive drinking. He should take it every day. AIDS
I must throw the broken record on the ground, just like Brian & Stewie destroyed Peter's record w/ a bat on family guy. birdistheword
Mike will not shut up. He's giving me a big headache. He kept on saying "baby, please." I should throw the broken record in the trash
This drunken weekend had mentally & physically worn me out. It's too much handle for this HIV dude. I can't take it any more
Mike had a phone message. He got a job offer from a restaurant on Sunset Blvd. Hooray! My mistake. Not hooray! The job won't last
Home sweet home. No, make that home hell home. That's more like it.
Late lunch at Wendys. I haven't eat there in a long time. I always go to McDonalds.
Success! Mike was at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center yesterday. He got all his stuff back. I knew Mike use his OTHER last name.
Mike was not at Kaiser. We are checking the other hospital around the block
I wanted to stay home today. Oh well. I can't trust Mike any more. The things I do for my friends
I'm on the bus w/ Mike. I thought we can get a day pass on the bus. We need a tap card. She let Mike to ride the bus for free. mta
Dustin Hoffman beat up a Latino guy for messing with the family business. He mean business! He will kick your ass too. LOL
Never talk to a damn alcoholic. They won't hear a single word u said. Wait until they are sober. Then, let them have it w/ the gun
Sometimes, we must learn the hard way in order to get more out of life to be a better person. Everything we do is a learning experience
The bloody something almost made me to throw up. It was that gross. U wouldn't want to see the gross out picture either! U will barf
I found something bloody by the toilet in the restroom. Mike must go back to the hospital again. I wished he stay there too!
U heard me right. mike won't get any sympathy from me. He deserve much worst. I'm not being a heartless bastard. I saw it many times
"did u left the bag at the hospital?" I asked. He doesn't remember what hospital. "Call the cell phone," he said. "u didn't take it."
Mike is back w/ no bag. Lucy didn't have his stuff. He's crying again. He won't receive any sympathy from me. He wished he was dead
RT @RuPaul: Happiness is wanting what U already have. @scareykatt my happiness is NOT wanting what I already have. LOL alcoholic
I doubt his stuff is at Lucy. One time, a guy called. He found MY cell phone that Mike lost at Lucy. I run down & thank for finding it
By the way, good morning! I had another sleepless night. Why? Read the previous posts to find out. LOL
I'm NOT surprised he lost everything. He lost his stuff many times before, just like the times he was in the hospital for his drinking
Mike went to Lucy's Laundromat. He believed he left his bag there. I don't think so. Then again. It's open 24/7
"would u open the door for me?" mike asked. "why?" I answered. Mike started to cry. "okay. I will open the door." Mike left to look around.
5:25 AM mike woke up. He is mad with himself for losing his stuff. He want to search for his stuff right now. I won't help him.
Short video of Mike's pity party. This is the life of an alcoholic
Short video of Mike's restroom pity party. He's crying. This is the life of an alcoholic Mike
Mike had his own pity party. He's crying in the restroom. This is the life of an alcoholic
Mike had his very own pity party. He was crying in the restroom. This is the life of an alcoholic
Mike had his very own pity party. He was crying in the restroom. This is the life of a fucking alcoholic
Mike was in the hospital again. Also, he lost everything during his drinking rampage. Glasses, bag, wallet, ID, bus pass & money
Mike arrived few minutes ago. He woke me up. Like the stupid fool I am, I let Mike into my apartment. Why? He screamed my name loudly

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Quote - The past is repeating itself. Maybe, someone didn't learn the lesson. Therefore, they must repeat it until they get it right.
WhatHurtsMeTheMost I'm the most pathetic loser in love that I'm always second to mike, whose true & only love is alcohol!
There must be another way to get out of the bad situation I'm in. It went on long enough. suicide sounds reasonable, perhaps.
It's too bad I already ate breakfast. I had coco puffs. I can eat the subway for lunch. I'm not that hungry right now.
Mike finally showed up at 6:20 AM. He kept on knocking on the door. I hoped he go away. I won't open the door. Just call me. alcoholic

Friday, August 24, 2012

Good night. Sweet dreams. I hoped Mike doesn't show up during the night. I won't open the damn door. He made HIS choice - alcohol
Burning up in the oven. Sweating like a piggy. Oink. Oink.
Mike doesn't care about his life, my life or his family. He's fooling himself. He is on the path to destruction AGAIN! alcoholic
Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic! That's Mike for u! alcoholic
Once again, Mike showed up drunk. He passed out on my couch. Seriously, I can NOT go through this again. I'm in bad health. AIDS
I'm not being homophobia. I'm telling u how it was in my youth long time ago. I wanted to wear pink; mom said no. LOL
Good morning, everyone! I woke up too damn early today. 5 AM. Once I'm awake, I'm wide awake. Who want the disgusting early worm?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I watched an old episode on The Twilight Zone on metv with the future Lost In Space star, Bill Mumy. I think the episode was LIVE
I'm bad at keeping track of things. I don't remember which one I can't use. My memory is shock to hell. It's that bad! I'm forgetful
Mike brought me a nice surprise. Chinese food. Shrimp fried rice & thai tea. It was delicious, like always. I only ate half of it.
Mike called from 7/11 near by my apartment in Hollywood. Hopefully, he will be here shortly.
I'm kinda mad. Mike should have call earlier. He waited until the last minute. I was worried. I haven't hear from him since this morning
Mike called. He visited his sister in pasadena. He thought I will be mad. Why? He can visit them any time. He don't need my permission
I watched the LIVE streaming of big brother 14 on the web. The double eviction was pretty awesome! Two more hours until bb14
Whenever I sign up for a web site, some want EIGHT digit password. That majorly sucks. I normally use SIX for my password. I like using SIX!
There are some things I won't do whether it's illegal or not. I won't go down that crooked road for anyone at all.
Playing green day on angry birds. Love this version
Another boring day. Everyone have lifes, but me. I must be doing something wrong. What? I don't know.
Oh, how much I hate Victor. I wished he will never go home. I hoped someone kill him. I won't have to see his ugly face any more.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mike snuck behind me. I hit Mike in the right eye. He have a black eye. Oh well. That's what he get. blackeye
Mike want to pay someone for a fake social security card with his real number. I mentioned I won't give him the money. It's illegal
My doctor, Jeannie, is sick today. She won't be coming in. I hoped she get better. I like Jeannie very much. She's a great doctor
My phone will die soon. Oh, no! I can't live without it. I will die. Yes, die. Someone alert the media. It's killing me now. Killing me!
My doctor appointment was cancelled again. It was today at 11:15 AM. The new one is at 3:15 PM on October 15, 2012. jeannie
I'm taking a worst beating. I felt like I'm on the last legs. My body can't take the abuse. Pretty soon, pack up and go home.

Friday, August 10, 2012

U gotta to wear shades
The moon is big enough to blind u
Except the biggest moon u will ever see as long I bend over
U won't be able to see anything below
For sure, it will be okay to walk in the nude in public
Then again, I need to gain more weight
I could be Peter Griffin in the flesh
It won't be a pretty sight unless u love Family Guy
I will be in the nude for all the world to see
Soon, I will have no clothes to wear
I have lots of loads to wash
The dirty clothes are piling up each day
I won't wash the clothes at all.
Too hot to do anything today.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another hot day in Hollywood. I won't go out for anything unless there's a fire. Then again, I will burn to death either way

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm glad I have the same doctor from years ago. I like her very much. She remembered me. I haven't been there since 2002
A guy called. I peaked through the window. It's a stranger I have never saw before. I don't pick up the phone unless I know them.
I have a doctor appointment at 2 PM. I'm going to leave early about noon. I will make it on time. I must bring the papers too.