Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another worst night. I drink some water. I immediately throw up in the bed. My blanket was sickening drench from the barfing. I'm so sick.
Another worst night. I drink some water. I immediately throw up in the bed. My blanket was sickening drench from the barfing. I'm so sick.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I have the symptoms of Pneumonia. Coughing, shaking chills, fever, bad skin color and shortness of breathe. It's time for the hospital soon.
103.3 is my new temperature. I took it five minutes ago. I'm NOT getting any better. The fever won't go away. I'm getting weaker every day.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My temperature is 102.6. Damn! I'm NOT getting any better. I'm very sick over a week. Soon, I may end up in the hospital. I'm getting weaker
Same old crap, different day.
I'm still trying to catch my breathe. It was a short walking distance from my place. It took me a beating. Out of breathe is taking a toll.
Home again. Out of breathe. I went to the clinic. The building is closed down. It's for lease. I can't do this any more. I can't get a break
Between being sick & mike's problem, I can't do both. It's a hard juggle act. I supposed to get lots of rest, but he is on drinking rampage
The Fuller Brush Man is a 1948 comedy starring Red Skelton as a door salesman for the Fuller Brush Company who becomes a murder suspect.
Mike went to work. It's a good chance he won't be fired today. He's sober enough to work. Sadly, he's cutting it very closely. Any day.
I should have let him leave at 9 pm & come home wasted. He won't have enough time to be sober. He will show up drunk at work. Soon, I hoped!
Mike is decent for work. No firing today. He will do just fine at work. He's not that wasted for work. So much, I want him to be fired.
Evil plan - I took out the battery from his cell phone. He won't be able to cry on the phone for losing his job. I really don't care at all!

Friday, January 21, 2011

12 midnight! Can time be a little more slower? Hurry up, 2 am. Please come now. I don't have all night to wait! I can't wait when he leave!
Mike looked for something; he woke me up. He wanted to leave. HELL, NO! I wished 2 am is here. He can leave for work. It's only 9:16. Damn!
Going to bed. I'm coughing up a storm. I'm freezing too. By tomorrow, my temperature will be up once more. Seeing a doctor in the morning.
I'm taking a break from facebook games.
I'm sick over a week now.
I must focus on my health AND my life.
I need this time for me.
I had a feeling that Mike will lose his job. He is still drunk. I think they will send him home for being drunk on the job. Sadly, it's true
Last night, I missed American Idol.
I was sleeping in bed.
I really want to see the New Orleans episode.
Can we watch it on the web?
Mike have his times messed up again. He thought it's time for work. Not really. It's still daytime, not nighttime. He leave 3:30 AM, not PM!
I wish I have chains & locks. I will lock Mike up to the couch. He won't be able to leave. He's about to leave for work. Hello! Not the time
what kind of doctor I see about the flu & the chills? is it the General Practice? I'm really not sure. I want to see the right doctor.
I don't want to go to a clinic, only to be turn down. Sorry, we don't do medical/medicare. I have no clue to find those doctors. It's hard.
I can't find my keys anywhere. The last time I see them when I stopped mike sneaking off with them. I don't have a ideal of where I put them
Mike said he didn't stop at the clinic about Medicare/Medical. Never ever depends on a alcoholic. They only cares about themselves, not you!
I asked mike a favor. Stop off the clinic to see if they accept medicare/medical. He didn't want to. I yelled to force him. I need a doctor!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is probably the worst night ever. Mike is no help whatsoever when he's drunk AND I'm sick. I'm not getting better. Maybe, the hospital!
Mike woke me up from my nap. He tried to sneak out with MY key without my permission. I know better. He will get more alcohol!
i think i cut my hair off soon too. i want a fresh look.
I tried my best to trim my mustache. Sadly, I massacre it with the damn scissors. Soon, my beard need to come off. It's getting too long.
Steve Tyler and Jennifer Lopez is the much needed blood to pump more life for American Idol. Brilliant!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

There's something I don't get. I told Mike that HIS nephew is looking for him. Mike blasted me. WTF. What did I do wrong? That's good news!
The webcam is NOT working. I hoped I could use it before Mike get home. I mean tape him at home. I think I use the iPhone camera instead.
Mike called again. He claimed I don't respect his feelings. I hung up the phone. He have lots of nerves. Respect is a two way street!
Once again, Mike is in a fowl mood. In other words, he's wasted. I tried to explain a situation, but he got bent out of shape about it.
It looks like I won't watch days of our lives today. Breaking news. A school officer was shot. He transported to northridge medical center.
More music CDs for the computer. Hopefully, I can transfer the music to my iPhone. I will be grooving to the dance music.
putting my old music CDs on the computer. I have about 15 to do. New Kids On The Block, Mariah Carey, Bobby Brown, Selena and many more
I got my mail from upstairs. It's very nice AND cool outside. Man, even with the fan on, my apartment is a oven. It's really that hot.
I'm too hot that I woke up. I'm very tired of having the chills every day. It seems like it's never-ending. I may end up in the hospital

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I looked at my weight in the weight machine. It says 167. I think it needs a new battery. Soon enough, it says Lo. Maybe, I'm pretty low!
I'm finally laying in bed. Hopefully, I will get a good night sleep, unlike this past few days battling the damn chills. Some sick life!
The computer is finally on. Mike wanted to check out his 1st paycheck. It's a awesome amount of money. He's quite pleased with the paycheck!
Lots of big stars are retiring this year. Mary Hart, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King and, now, Regis Philbin. All TV legend in their own right!
The computer have been off all day long. I didn't feel like being on the web today. I'm still fighting the chills. Relaxing and watching tv
Carl Winslow is the worst father AND the worst police officer ever on TV. He never look for his missing daughter, Judy, on Family Matters!
I heard helicopters in the air outside. It must be the police looking for a criminal. They have been going around and around.
Don't scream. Your cement may not be dry yet.
The best thing about being sick. We can watch shows we didn't watch before. AND catch up on the shows on DVD. Pop in a movie too. Great life
Good morning. I finally woke up. It's only 10:12 am. I'm still tired.
Gonna try to fall asleep in the bed. See u later.

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's hard to rest when u have the chills. The moment u r cold, the next minute u are hot. Sometimes, I'm both. Please get rid of the chills!
I had one hostess cupcake for supper. I'm not that hungry. The cupcake was delicious!
I'm still sick. How could I get rid of the chills? I have been taking NyQuil all day long. It seems like it's not working.
Whoever it is, I'm not interest
If I disappear tomorrow, no one will notice it.
I'm getting pretty tired easily. I made my bed. It worn me out quickly. Now, I'm in bed resting. Sadly, the bed is messed up so soon. LOL
Today is MLK. is the post office open today?
I must be in the verge of getting a fever soon. It need to happen soon before I could get better. I'm tired of waiting for the fever.
Watching Wacky World of Tex Avery on this tv. Never saw the cartoon before. So far, it's pretty interesting.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Damn! The chills is back again. I think it may be another sleepless night. I hoped not. I can't go on like this. I need some sleep.
I'm going to get up from the bed & cough up a damn fart. My ass is pretty worn out from all the farting this past two hours. Coughing a fart
Whenever I stand up, sit or walk, my throat bothers me so much that I have to cough up a storm. It doesn't bother me when I lay down. Odd!
Who say Jesus Christ is the son of God? It's just a fairytale. There is no proof whatsoever. Not because I'm an atheist.
Be nice. It's Xmas! Couldn't it be like that every day?
Put on the golden globes. In order to get mike to SHUT UP. So far, it's working.
Three words. Mike is wasted.
I already missed u. I love u with all my heart. See u later
My skin on the head is so dry and red. Bloody red. Very red, but not bloody yet. Let me scratch it more. Then, it will bleed. Scratch! LOL
I will try to sleep again. The hot/cold body is making hard to fall asleep. I can't go on like this. I really need my beauty sleep
I'm too damn hot. I need to turn on the fan for a little while. Then, I will be too damn cold. It's time for the fan. I'm burning up.
My body is taking a beaten. Going back to cold to hot to cold to hot many times. Maybe, I will get a fever soon. It's not doing me any good!
Mike went to work. No more heartache until he get back from work. I can sleepy peacefully

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My EVIL plan.
Get him so freaking drunk that he WILL show up drunk at work.
Then, they will fire him on the spot!
Gotta to love my evilness!
Mike mentioned he's going to sleep. Yeah, right! More like passing out drunk! I told u that I'm pretty smart. I could read between the lines
Mike finally came out of the restroom. He was there for a while. Any bets? I already know u will lose the bet. U can't even win the bet. LOL
I should have went to the movies. Mike is getting on my damn nerves. He won't shut up! Let me have a nice quiet time at home! Shut up, mike!
Mike just called. He will be home pretty soon. I haven't eat supper yet. We can eat together. He must be very tired from work.
Since I have no ideal when mike is coming home. I might as well eat supper. I'm getting hungry. He must be staying late at work. Me hungry!
Friends invited me to the movies tonight. I may not go. Mike haven't come home from work. I'm still waiting. Hopefully, he will be here soon
It's so beautiful in Los Angeles
What a peaceful day
Bad News. I need to give up my dream. I'm going to drop out for the running of Frosty The Snowman. I will make a WORST Frosty ever! LOL
Another sleepless night. I was very cold that I shook throughout the night. It seems like I will freeze to death.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I turned off the computer. I had a few bites of my late supper. I wasn't that hungry. I'm going to bed. Good night. Sweet dreams. Take care!
9:09 pm - I finally turned on the computer. I haven't use it all day. I'm going to have a late supper. Steak & mashed potatoes. I'm hungry!
I haven't been on the computer all day. Sometimes, we need a nice long break from things. The Internet will always be there.
Sleeping got my name written all over it. Time for a nap
Mike called me, only to tell me he's coming home. I mentioned thanx for the warning. Now, I know I will be in hell once again. Extremely hot
I'm glad I don't have any STD. I can go back to my first love. The world's biggest slut known to mankind. All right! Bring on the sex!
Great news. I have no STD. All the tests came back negative. That's a relief. I have another thing not to worry about. No STD. No nothing!
This damn kid is too damn loud on the damn bus. I have a damn headache, thanx to the damn mother! She need to control the kid.
I better head out soon. I have errands to do. I may stop by the grove on fairfax & third. I need a new charger for my phone.
I'm pretty worn out, doing nothing. Nothing at all. Just plain nothing. Plain old nothing. Nothing that I keep on thinking nothing important
Damn! I killed my fishes. I forgot to feed them. There's no wonder I don't have pets. I will kill them too. I'm a MURDERER!
Another sleepless night. There are too much things in my mind. It's too bad I'm NOT a strong person. I could conquer anything. A weakling!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life is pretty funny when u wrote about some things even before it happen! I predicted 2011 is MY worst year ever. Who knew? Just live life!
I'm putting another pin in my voodoo doll, namely Mike. If he acts up again, I will twist the pin so damn hard that his head will pop out!
This is the WORST night ever, by far. I kept on turning & tossing in the bed. I got the bad news of my life. I don't think I will make it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mike is acting up again. U know what that means. He's fucking drunk. Like always, he's going to lose his job. There's no stopping a drunk!
Mike called on the phone. "Which one u like? Dr. Pepper or root beer." Of course, I went w/ Dr. Pepper. Then, he rudely hung up! That sucks!
For a paid version of words with friends, it's giving me problems. I lost two games AND I don't mean LOST. I can't play those games.
Washing the dishes. Most of them anyway. LOL
The family need $500 to post bail. That's way too much for a hold up of a liquid store. Wow. He claimed he's innocence. Yeah, right!
OMG! Someone was arrested! Dear lord! I bet it's a gun. It's always the gun. Bang! Bang! U r dead. That's good times.
The doctor want me to use medication asap, but he don't have all the lab results right now. I think it's best to get all the results first.
I think I stay in bed all day & do nothing. Except watch Antenna TV. Sounds like a fun relaxing day. Nothing beats that.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I was so wrong with Alvin & The Chipmunks. I thought Theodore wears the glasses. It's Simon! I watched that cartoon as a kid.
OMG! Jon Cryer farted on two & a half men. Mike laughed. Hello! When I fart, Mike rudely yelled at me & claimed I'm one disgusting guy! LOL
Mike is confused again. He doesn't know what time it is. The local news says "6:20 pm." I mentioned it's a repeated of 6 pm news at 7. LOL
I gave back mike's favorite toy back to him. He's very happy. He loves to click click click. There's no wonder! I can go back to the web!
I brought words with friends for $2.99 for the iPhone. AM I NUTS? I must be a nutty fruitcake. I'm no good at word games. I majorly suck!
"Why did u stop writing?" Mike asked. "I have no ideal," I said, sadly, "I haven't write in a long time." Mike is encouraging me to write!
Enough with the damn talk! Bring on Roseanne! NOW!
I can't believe some people are pretty upset w/ me for talking about Mike. They got some nerves. I'm ALLOW to talk about anything on the web
Mike is not going to class on HIS second day of class. Oh well. That's HIS alcoholic life. He is NOT sober enough for class this morning!

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's going to be another sleepless night. Mike is acting up. I hate babysitting his foolish drunken ass. Good night. Sweet dreams. Take care
Best revenge. Make Mike to lose his job again. I won't have to do a damn thing. He will lose his job on his own. Then, kick him out forever!
I found a bottle in the dirty clothes. Who could it be? Oh, yeah! It's the fucking roommate's! Damn u, mike!
I found a bottle in the dirty clothes. Who could it be? Oh, yeah! It's the fucking roommate's! Damn u, mike!
I'm getting ready to throw up. The thought of soggy food of ANY kind make me ill inside. How could people eat that crap? I'm about to barf!
I can't wait till the alcoholic roommate move out. I'm counting the days. I won't miss mike at all. He overstayed his welcome long time ago!
A lady claimed I'm being mean to mike. Huh? In what way? I'm letting mike to stay with me, which I'm NOT allow to. I could lose my apartment
I'm getting tired of mike's drinking. I should have remain home. The next time he leave, I won't follow him like a dog. He's a slave!
It's a good thing I waited at the bus stop. Mike got off the bus. Now, I'm stalking him home. I mean, following him. LOL
Going home now. Mike disappeared from my sight. He's really losing it. Oh well. Blame the alcohol. It have mike around the neck. A slave!
Mike is out of it. He have no ideal what today is. I explained today is Monday lots of times. He claimed I'm not helping him. Who cares?
Mike want me to set the alarm at 2:30 am for tomorrow. I loved it! Mike doesn't work tomorrow. I won't tell him. What a mean trick! LOL
Well. Cityville sucks big time. It did it again. This is the fourth fucking time. No more fucking cityville for me. I'm tired of the crap!
Damn! Cityville is still giving me problems. "Sorry, we can't save YOUR game, please reload AND start all over again." This is the 3rd time!
I'm quite bored. Maybe, I should spice things up a bit. Poison this. Poison that. Mike can drink all the poison he like. I won't stop myself
As it happen many times before, mike is going to lose everything - job, home & me. That's how the DRUNK crumbles. Down & out! Oh well!
Mike is on his way of losing his new job. As long he keep it up, he won't be able to hold down his job. He only have himself to blame!
Bus 4 is here. I'm not able to take it. Mike really need to use the restroom. Waiting for the next bus.
Bus 4 is here. I'm not able to take it. Mike really need to use the restroom. Waiting for the next bus.
I'm done with the doctor. The TB is negative. I'm going home. Hopefully, mike will see the txt I sent. Probably not. I won't wait for him.
I don't like product placements in the tv shows. It distracts from the story. While investigate a murder, let's eat a big Mac. Sure thing!
Mike went to class. He forgot about my doctor appointment at 10 am for the TB result. One look at the left arm; I will be done. One minute!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I can go to bed extremely happy. The Muppets Takes Manhattan on @antennatvonline is a great way to end the night AND the weekend!
OMG! Miss Piggy is fucking pist off. I'm glad I'm not that guy. She is chasing him on roller-skates for stealing HER purse. Go, Miss Piggy'
I must sleep soon. I have to check my TB test results tomorrow at 10 am. It looks like mike is not going; he must sleep off HIS drunkenness!
Question - who's still getting the gifts on the request page on Facebook?? I thought we will get the gifts in the game itself from now on.
Mike is hurt that I don't like the Cannoli. We don't have to like the same things. I didn't like the taste. I took one bite. I'm done w/ it!
I finally caught up with all the gifts on frontierville. It mostly took me all day; probably, over 500 gifts. I don't check every day.
What's wrong with revenge? It's a perfect way to get even. I vowed to get revenge on anyone who gives me a dirty look. Watch your back. LOL
Mike can NOT trick me at all. I watched him in the restroom. He took off his coat. I saw the damn liquid bottle inside his pants. Oh, man!
Mike will be home soon. He's taking bus 4 now. Supper will be ready when he get here. I made tuna helper. Love that stuff. Creamy broccoli!
Mike called me. He's on the way home. He told me to set the alarm at 2:30 am. 3 am is not working for him. He learned a valuable lesson. LOL
The pigs are taking over again. Kill the pigs! Slaughter all pigs! Kill them w/ a Saturday night special. Die, pigs, die! I'm going to kill!
I got a voicemail from mike. He made it on time for work. He got there about 5 am. He start at 5:30 am. He's very glad he is NOT late.
Update: Miguel caught a taxi to drop him off at bus stop. Thank God for taxis! He's waiting for the bus with other peeps. He won't be late.
Mike just left for work. He's running late. He accidentally fell asleep on the couch. He can't believe it. He may be late on his second day!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good night! Sweet dreams! Have a great time tomorrow wherever u are in your extremely time zone whether it's UK, USA, France or whatever!
Getting hungry. It's time for supper.
Washing the dishes. Fun! What fun! I always let the dishes soak in the soapy water for 30 minutes. Then, I will wash them.
I ate leftover food from yesterday. Shrimp fried rice. It was quite good.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Going to bed. Mike must wake up at 3 am, leave at 3:30 am & work at 5:30 am. Tomorrow is his first day. Mike is ironing his clothes now.
I took a TB test. Also, the doc gave me three vaccine shots for the flu. One arm got two shots & the other one have one. Majorly ouch!
The moment I get home, I need to lay down for a bit. Too much blood taken from me. It's getting to me now. I'm glad I ate one hour ago.
Anyone can call me a cock! I love it very much. Why? I can say cock anytime I want. I'm cock. Nothing but cock. I'm cock all the time. Yeah!
The doctor came with his laptop. He's very friendly and nice. I think i will get a flu shot. I need to come back in three weeks.
I'm in exam room #7. It looks like I am so damn lucky with #7. Everything is all right in the world. LOL
I'm in exam room #7. It looks like I am so damn lucky with #7. Everything is all right in the world. LOL
My blood pressure is normal. That's pretty awesome. The doctor will be here shortly. Hopefully!
Mike have been gone for a while. I'm tempted to look for him, but I don't want to miss hearing my name. I have 10 minutes to wait.
Waiting to see the doctor. I'm very early. Therefore, I have to wait for a while. Sadly, I'm very bored of waiting and waiting. Take me away
About to leave. More errands to do. What fun!
I got out of the shower. I'm very freshly clean to take on any troubles that comes my beautiful uplifting way today. Let the troubles begin!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mike is acting strangely. I don't think he will last long on his new job. His first day is Saturday at 5:30 am. Only time will tell.
Mike looks at the bus schedules. He start at 5:30 AM. Sadly, he can't take the subway to work. The first subway is 4:30 AM. He must take bus
I can't remember an easy word to spell. It's on the tip of my tongue. Maybe, not. I might have lick lit off with my much hungry tongue. LOL
What a night!
I'm getting hungry. I think I cook something.
Mike is on his way home.
I have the spirit of an alien.
I need to find my own kind.
I must shed off the dreadful human skin.
It is very uncomfortable.
someone hacked into my @twitter account. They sent spam with "direct message" to a few people. I hoped they realized I didn't send the spam,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A lady wanted a seat with her kid on the bus. Sadly, I did NOT give up my seat. She is quite mad at me. Hello! I had blood work done today!
Going home now. I'm very tired from running all day long with nothing to eat. I'm THAT hungry. I'm THAT tired. Please take me home now!
UNO cards is on sale for $1 at target. It's the 40th anniversary. I'm getting three UNO!
UNO cards is on sale for $1 at target. It's the 40th anniversary. I'm getting three UNO!
I'm starving. I haven't eat all day long. No breakfast. No lunch. Not even a damn snack. I'm on the run from the police. Oh well. LOL
Waiting to see the financial guy. He need the social security papers. I won't have to pay a cent at all. Hooray!
It's quite hard to find a doctor on the web. I really need a physical check up. I haven't had a check up in many many years. It's about time
Good morning. How is everyone today? I'm insanely happy that nothing could take me away to the nut house. Long live the insane freak!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Can someone tell me something about angry birds? I'm quite curious about something. What's the purpose of the mighty eagle? It cost .99 cent
Bored. Very bored.
I can't move my leg. It fell asleep. Soon, it will feel like a thousands of needles. Don't u hate that? LOL
Another crappy day. The day is not halfway through. It's 11:48 am. There is nothing else I could do. I have to wait for another chance
I was a little late for the section 8 voucher. The guy told me it was for a week. There won't be any more vouchers for the year.
Good morning! I'm off to a great start. I woke up for the adventures of today. LOL

Monday, January 3, 2011

Going to bed. I hoped tomorrow will be great, unlike this disappointing day. I have to sign up for the section 8 voucher tomorrow. Night!
it's so refreshing to see Maude, Good Times, All In The Family & Three's Company on regular TV again. Good times indeed with Antenna TV!
I broke down & cry in front of mike. He don't understand why it's so upsetting. I want to move for a long time. I messed up big time. So sad
I still can't believe I messed up. Royalty fuck up. It's depressing me. So much, I wanted to move. I destroyed the dream. I'm forever stuck
No one tell me I need a section 8 voucher for those apartments.
They don't do 30% of the income.
I should have got the voucher long time ago
I blow my chance to move. Only if I have a section 8 voucher. I could move there. Top it all, she closed my file. I need to start all over.
I hoped $500 is the bedroom apartment. Maybe, the single apartment cost less. For sure, I could afford the single apartment.
I left a message for the manager. Last week, she didn't mention if the $500 apartment is a single or one bedroom. I bet it's the bedroom.
Mike is upset w/ me. He finally got the message from last Thursday about his new job. They wanted to see him thursday. He's on the way now.
Frosted flakes
Heading home. There's nothing else to do. Until further notice. I know I need to eat something soon. No breakfast. No lunch. I'm starving
Bus drama! A lady want to get off. The bus driver continued on driving. She called him a bastard. Very upset! She got off at the next stop.
I need to get ready soon. I have to stop by SSI office. I need a statement. I want direct deposit too. Chase won't be free any more.
I think I will lie to get what I want. No, make that acting. Lie is such a harsh word. I know I can pull it off with the semi bad acting.
Today is the big day for the $500 apartment. I have a 4 pm appointment. I don't think I will get it. $500 is way too much within my budget.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

All the tweets I read on twitter about Oprah's OWN, she really OWN it. Nothing but Oprah. All the time. I'm glad I'm NOT OWN by anyone. LOL
Let's smoke a peace pipe!
Time for the heater again. It's cold in the apartment. I
I don't like myspace. I mean the new version. I despised it with a passion. It's that bad.
Clutch my pearls. What a sneaky thing to do!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I saw a shake weight TV ad, Oh, man! It's the biggest & biggest rip off of the new year. What else can they rip us off? Hey! A pet rock! LOL
Mike claimed I'm trying to get rid of him. What? So early in the new year? Nah! I want to have killing times with him, then it will happen!
Homeless bull. That's no bull. Don't flush it down the toilet. The bull need a home. It won't stink up your place. Smell it real good!
Okay. U r free. Spread your legs and fly!
Freezing to my untimely death soon. The angels will take me to heaven, then drop me all the way to hell! I'm such pure evil with no regrets!
OMG! I had my first nasty fart this year. What an awesome feeling! Oh, man! I can't wait to have more. I claimed 2011 is the fart year!
A load of clothes didn't wash that good. We need to wash the clothes again. It could be the washing machine again. Damn! More quarters!
Mike loves to blow his nasty nose behind my back. That's very gross. There's no wonder I got sick the last time. I should smack him good!
Even in the new year, some things never change. The past is NOT worth repeating all the time. Please let go and move on. It's much better!
I'm under the impression that u don't want to be friends any more.
It's a feelings I'm getting.
What happened to OUR friendship?
I have no ideal why they want to hack my facebook account.
I'm not someone important.
I'm a regular guy with no life.
Someone from Washington tried to hack into my facebook account during the night. They want to start off the new year with a major crime. LOL
Mike woke me up at 12 midnight. He promised he will do it. Now, I'm going back to sleep with Mariah Carey singing. Happy new year 2011!