Monday, February 28, 2011

I think I'm getting sick again. Please no pneumonia & no hospital. I don't want another hospital visit so soon. Once is enough!
There are some stars I'm looking forward to on DWTS. Chris Jericho, Kirstie Alley, Ralph Macchio, Wendy Williams. I hoped they will go far.
Do u know what's funny? I already found out the new cast of dancing with the stars before the bachelor airs on the west coast. Love the web!
i haven't watch the Bachelor this season. Tonight, I am! Dancing With The Stars will reveal the new stars for season 12, starting March 21.
30 minutes ago, mike said he's coming over. The bus arrived as we talked. Hello! He should be here by now. (He's here now. Oops! LOL)
I decided to buy more chicken legs at the market. Mile will be surprised! This time, I may buy four packages of chicken legs.
Taking a short bus ride. I haven't use TAP in two weeks. She mentioned it's best to use it now for March pass to go in effect. Confusing!
I'm still on the MTA autoload. The problem is I paid twice for February. I'm good for March. I don't have to pay another $14.
I called MTA. Their damn computer hung up on me. Damn! That's sucks! Why can't a LIVE person pick up instead? I called MTA again.
I got to call MTA about the autoload. Today is the last day of February. I don't have a bus pass for March; MTA did NOT took out $14.
Last month, I got the autoload for my MTA tap card. I don't think they took out $14 for next month. That's strange.
The heater have been on over an hour. I'm still freezing my ass off. I think I sit by the heater to get warm fast!
Mike almost left without bus fare. He thought he had $6 for the day pass. He had $2 to his name. Oops! I gave him some money for the bus.
good morning. have a great day. good afternoon. have a tasty lunch. good evening. have a awesome time. good night. sweet dreams. good bye.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

OMG! All this Oscars talk! My @twitter timeline is fast. Please make it stop. I'm getting tweets whiplash!
I don't think I watch the Oscars until I change my name to Oscar. Then, I would become the most popular Oscar weiner in history!
Everyone is talking about the Oscars. Damn! I wished I was named Oscar. Everyone will talk about me. I love getting attention.
washing the whites. Someone forgot their clothes from a dryer. Damn! We can't use both dryers. I should put their clothes out from the dryer
Long time ago, I hold a real life Oscar. Sadly, I didn't win. Those Oscars are very heavy. I almost broke my fingernail. My nails! My nails!
Do u know what's funny about me? I'm very private in real life. I'm completely the opposite on the web; I talked everything about me.
Goof morning! Let's all be a goof today and goof around! There's no goof like the present. May the goof be with u. Goof or no goof. Goof!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tears are about to fall from my crying eyes. "Close To You" by The Carpenters always get to me. It's one of the best romantic songs ever!
Enjoying my night with mike. Listening to Mariah Carey. Then, The Carpenters. Awesome songs! Great ending to a perfect night.
I wondered why no grocery stores sell honey mustard dressing. I luv that stuff as much i luv french dressing. I want honey mustard dressing!
I won't come out of the closet. Oops! I mean from under the blankets until I stop freezing to my death, where I'm going to parts unknown.
We walked to the market from the library. We brought some groceries. We walked home. I carried thee packages of chicken legs. I'm so tired!
I found myself wanting to commit suicide. The library is THAT boring. The longer I stay, I have a thirst for human blood. Bloody thirsty!
Going to the library to check out a book about religion. Mike need to write a report about religion for the school.
we always need to laugh about something no matter how bad things get. I will laugh right beside u! someone, please make me die laughing!
March 2011 is going to be a great month! Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide & Soap Opera Digest is coming in the mail soon! I can't wait!
I checked the TV listings. It wasn't a movie. As much I love The Outer Limits, it's the worst episode ever! It's the original Outer Limits.
OMG! The alien killed that alien with a gun! The other alien ran out the UFO for his dear life. The alien is after him too. Worst Movie Ever
watching a stupid movie. Thank God the TV is muted. I'm glad I don't know the name of the movie either. An alien turned on another alien!
Good morning! I woke up about 4 am. Damn! That's too early for me. I can't go back to sleep at all. Once I'm awake, I'm wide awake!

Friday, February 25, 2011

I played Angry Birds Seasons. I finished the valentine game. It was quite hard. I think the new game is Easter. The pigs will love that!
Mike overcooked the steak. Oops! It's very dry. I used barbecue sauce on the steak. It's better than nothing! He wanted it to be perfect.
I'm very open about my feelings. It's good to express my feelings about anything whether people does like it or not.
It's still raining! Damn! There goes my tonight's plans. I hoped I could go clubbing & meet guys. Oh well. Another night for movies at home!
Mike wanted to see Dr Phil on CBS 2 today. He's sleeping on the couch. Instead, I'm watching Ellen on NBC 4. Ellen is the better choice. LOL
Do u mind putting the death stick out? Please! Pretty please! I'm begging u! WTF! I don't have to beg for my precious life! Stop killing me!
I finally fixed the desk lamp. I can't believed the light bulb went out too soon. I put it in few months ago. I hoped the new bulb will last
I ordered Soap Opera Digest for $14.95 for one year. It was $24.95. I used a promotional code. I haven't read that…
I ordered Soap Opera Digest for $14.94 for one year. It was $24.95. I used a promotional code. I haven't read that magazine in a few years.
Mike called me. He's getting wet. He have no umbrella. I forgot it's raining today. I hardly keep up with the weather & the news.
Since I found out I have AIDS in January 2011, I haven't went back to the HIV doctor. I should be on top of things with my deadly situation!
i'm happy to be alive today. Living is one of the greatest gifts ever. we may not see tomorrow. we could go anytime. just live for today!
i want to use my friend's netflix account. he get them in the mail, BUT i can watch the movies online. that is a great deal! LOL
Good morning. How is everyone this morning, this afternoon, this midday, this evening, this night and soon to be tomorrow in your area?? LOL

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I thought long & hard. I decided I won't tell Mike about new lover, Sam. There's no point at all. What he doesn't know, won't hurt him.
some guy from AOL want me to come over for sex. No thanx. I'm at my friend's house. We're going to eat soon. I'm starved. I want to eat now!
Mike think he can do better than me. What a laugh! He must go back to bed and wake up again. He's living in a fantasy world! Wake up, Mike!
Hard work for nothing. If u expect something, move your ass and do it yourself! Then, the rewards will come your way no matter what!
I felt a nap is coming on! My eyes are getting heavy and heavy. I won't fight it.
Going to take a shower. I don't think I need the heater in the bathroom. It's on from the kitchen all morning long. Pretty hot right now.
Some people feel like I shouldn't talk about my problems on the web. I have freedom of speech. I will NOT stop talking & express myself
I don't have to do anything great in this world. I need to be myself. Things will fall into it's place. I won't even have to lift a finger.
I don't have to do anything great in this world. I need to be myself. Things will fall into it's place. I won't even have to lift a finger.
I made the lemonade too strong. Oh, man! too damn strong! Now, I have a bitter mouth. Watch me cuss up a storm! Here I go. Cussing! LOL
The next time, Santa Claus break an entrance at my place. I will do "citizen arrest." He need to be stop. Sorry, kids, no more toys! LOL
I'm surprised that Santa Claus wasn't arrested for breaking an entrance all those years. He's a criminal that got away. Shame on him!
Do u know why I didn't believe in Santa Clause as a lad? There was no chimney at the house. Listen, kids. Santa is a big fraud! Oops. LOL

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

good night. I have to sleep. I didn't get that much sleep last night. I went to bed at 5:30 AM this morning. I'm very tired and sleepy!
I have NEVER tell mom this before. A drunk driver almost kill me on her birthday long time ago. The driver hit someone else moments later!
all religions contradict each other with their OWN beliefs. No thanx. Religion is NOT worth it. God is! Put your faith in God, not religion!
February 23 is my Mom's birthday. "Happy Birthday, mom!" I haven't see her since 1999. Sadly, I lost contact with the whole family!
Do u know how much religions sucks? They are either for or against homosexuality, abortion, premarital sex, divorce & more. What gives, God?
There are three things I won't talk about. Politics, homosexuality & religion. Those three are nothing but trouble. Let's the fighting begin
Gonna to take a shower now. I stink really really badly. U don't want to know how bad! I can set off a bomb. It won't be that pretty. LOL
If we can't be honest with ourselves, we can't be honest with anyone. I would rather to tell the truth, than lie about my past.
5:30 AM. Mike need to wake up in hour for school. On that note, I will try to get some shut eye. I haven't went to bed all night. Good night
I accidentally woke mike up. Oops. I guessed I was typing on the keyboard very loudly. Excuse me, Mike! Then, stop snoring loudly. Okay? LOL
"How did u got HIV?" someone asked. "I shoot up heroin long time ago," I said. Sharing needles is dangerous. We need to learn the hard way!
4 AM. I may not go back to sleep. The night is almost over. I will sleep in the morning or the afternoon. Some life I have! Take me away!
I can't go back to sleep. The pain haven't went away yet. It have been over an hour so far. I took two advil. Please do your job, advil!
I'm in pain. I took some gas x for the stomach. sadly, the pain is still there. i hoped it won't get worst. Pain, go away. I need my sleep!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I was yesterday. I am today. I will be tomorrow, only if I live to see the future. It all depends on what happens next for me. Who knows?
this is the only life we ever get. death is what it is. the finale resting place for our bodies to go back where it cometh from - the DIRT!
What are you doing? That is a good question. I am speaking my mind no matter what it is about. After all, everyone have freedom of speech!
"An artist should have a WIDE RANGE OF EMOTIONS, that is what i love about art" - Sammy. I really live by this awesome quote.
twitter is much better than the regular IM. we don't care who knows OUR business. If u want to talk in private, use AIM or yahoo.
The eyes are the window to the soul
having freshly removed brain from a recently killed disease infected monkey for sickening supper. It's so Indiana Jones of me. LOL
We did awesome at Vons with the groceries. We saved $42.37. We spent $89.04. Without the card, it was $131. Never shop without the card!
some peeps does NOT want to deal with THEIR problems. I will rather to be upfront about it & don't pretend it does not exist!
I was homeless so many damn times. I haven't been HOMELESS for a long time. I must be doing something right!
Relaxing morning, except folding clothes from last night. I will go grocery shopping in the afternoon. I hardly have any food at my place.
Medicare want me to pay $220. I'm curious how much my hospital bill from superbowl weekend is. I bet medicare want me to pay a big chunk!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Photography is an art form. I was posing as a heroin drunk. They mistook it for a REAL thing. Sadly, I'm being banned for my artist talent.
I ordered TV Guide for $14 from the TV Guide web site. 56 issues for one year. It's a awesome deal. I couldn't pass up the good deal.
I ordered TV Guide for $14 from the TV Guide web site. 56 issues for one year. It's a awesome deal. I couldn't pass up the good deal.
I'm so clumsy. I was trying to put down the TV controls on the table. I accidentally knocked down a cup of water. It went everywhere! LOL
I can't get over that Medicare denied me for "routine exam." They got it wrong! It was for HIV & STDs in January. Yet, I have to pay $220.
@facebook is not working on my iPhone. There's something wrong with it. It is frozen! Damn!
Some people does NOT believe I have to pay $220 for a doctor bill. Why? Medicare denied the lab work. I'm going to post a pic for proof!
Shower time. Then, wash the laundry in the afternoon. Before that, eat some breakfast right after I take my shower right now. Got that? LOL
If u forget about something, it must be NOT that important. If it's that important, u remember. Why fret over what u forget?
I'm getting too damn absent minded. The moment I thought of something, I forgot it couple seconds later. A mind is a terrible thing to waste
Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night, depending on where u live. I got my bases covered. I didn't forget anyone. LOL

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today is the last day for the medication. I'm glad it's over. Thanx to my friends, they encouraged me NOT to stop. I couldn't do it w/o them
I was peeing in the restroom. I became dizzy. I almost passed out on the floor. The funny part - I was NOT done peeing. Oops!
Anything can happen on the amazing race. Guy had a heart attack on the 1st plane. The 2nd plane passed them up & arrived in Australia first!
In England, a cigarette is referred to as a fag. Hey! I want a fag! Please! So badly, i want to blow a fag. I haven't had one in a long time
Don't forget. The 18th season of The Amazing Race starts tonight on CBS. I'm so happy the cowboys are back! Even the mom & the deaf kid too.
The apes finally arrived 32 minutes into the movie. 32 minutes. I don't need 32 minutes to make my grand entrance. All eyes will be on me!
"I got to tell like it is or I can't tell it all," Roger Thomas from What's Happening! Ain't that the truth! Always be true to yourself!
What's Happening is one of the best black comedy shows. Love all the characters. Roger, Rerun, Dwayne, Dee, Shirley and the mom, Mabel!
since there is no more leftover pizza, i'm having Malt-O Meal for breakfast. Oops, I mean brunch. It's only 10:45 AM in Hollywood. LOL
I was about to have leftover pizza for breakfast. Mike already ate the rest. He left the empty box in the icebox. How dare he! LOL
going to delete this message after it reaches it's destination.
I was about to have leftover pizza for breakfast. Mike already ate the rest. He left the empty box in the icebox. How dare he! LOL
Medicare DENIED the lab tests.
Now, I have to pay $220.
I don't have that kind of money.
No one told me that…
I hoped I connected everything. Sending out this post to everywhere, somewhere and nowhere.
Mike mentioned he is DEAD. That's fine. I won't kiss him to bring him back from the dead. I won't have to deal with u know what. LOL
I think tomorrow will be another wet one. Oh, man! There goes my sex life! On that note, good night. Sweet dreams

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Are you calling me FAT again?" "No. You have ALWAYS been fat!"
Mike want to watch the show w/ the fat lady, the skinny guy & the smart ass daughter. Huh? Oh, yeah! Hey! Hey! Hey! What's Happening!!! LOL
West Hollywood weather. Rainy and the low is 47.
West Hollywood weather. Rainy and the low is 47.
I ordered two medium pizzas. Mike & I almost ate both pizzas. We were that hungry! We had pineapple & ham AND italian sausage & mushroom.
For some reason, @pixelpipe is giving me problems. It's not sending my posts to everywhere via @pingfm. i hooked it correctly. I HATE IT!
getting pizza for supper. the chicken legs isn't ready; it's still frozen! we will have the DEAD chicken tomorrow for supper. EIW! Dead! LOL
Hopefully, this post will go everywhere. If not, I need to start all over again.
watching TV
The last post didn't make it through. I am pretty upset!
I'm so freaking upset. U do NOT know how much upset I am! I'm that pist off. I want to strangle someone! I can't afford it!
This is only a test. Only a test!
Mike found a medication bottle in a bag from two Sundays ago. I forgot I had that one. I should have take it when I got out of the hospital.
I may watch a movie soon. I have no ideal which one. I think I'm in the mood for some fantasy adventure. A movie I haven't watch in a while.
That was a very short nap. I'm still sleepy!
Nap time. I'm falling asleep
"Where are the TV controls?" Mike asked. "They magically appeared on my bed next to him," I laughed. U didn't know I have magic powers! LOL
Malt O Meal for a late breakfast. I should say brunch instead! It's almost Noon. 45 more minutes. LOL
I signed up for, it automatically use my name from facebook. It it DID NOT let me choose a screen name. I'm stuck with two accounts!
Public service announcement!: Please have your dishes spayed/ neutered. I didn't get mine spayed/neutered & now they have overrun my kitchen
Using Raptr to manage IM, track games/achievements, and see when friends are playing. Add me!
Here's a picture of the Osmos game. This level is very hard. I can't touch the red balls, I will shrink!
Here's a picture of the Osmos game. This level is very hard. I can't touch the red balls, I will shrink!
Once again, I woke up at 5:30 am. This is the second day in a row. I normally woke up about 7 am. 5:30 am is too damn early for me.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm getting tired in bed. I can't get my eyes remain open. Sleep. I need sleep. I must sleep. Good night. Sweet dreams. Beauty sleep!!
This is Osmos. Grow by absorbing smaller motes, but to propel yourself you must eject matter behind you, causing you to shrink. Love it!
I got a new game, Osmos, for the iPhone. That game is a challenge. It's worth the money. Your ball need to grow bigger to level up.
This is a fact. People use the web for their talent whether it's acting, stories & pictures. Sadly, I'm getting banned for my talent! :(
I love my iced tea. I always use three spoonful of sugar. I love my iced tea to be SWEET. The best way to drink. Make it very sweet like ME!
It's raining in Hollywood. They said rain will come in the late afternoon. It did came. LOL
I'm on my 2nd atomic fireball of the day. I have 5 more next to me in bed. Like I said before, once I start, I can NOT stop! Addiction! LOL
I know why mike loves cold case files! He's getting valuable tips to get away w/ murder. Really! He's plotting someone's murder. Oh, no! LOL
I learned ubertwitter AND echofon is from the same people. I wouldn't be surprise that echelon will be gone too. I really hoped not.
I proudly announced that this Sunday is my last day for the God awful medications! It's about time! I won't miss taking the sickening meds!
I thought someone was heavily breathing outside my door. That's strange. I looked outside. No one was there. It came from the icebox. LOL
For breakfast, I'm having Oreo cookies and milk! Great breakfast, indeed!
"It be's that way sometimes--have mercy!" - Iceman King Parsons
this pussy is too damn loud! it's time to kick some pussy's ass! this one fight I can't lose! my claws are very deadly! I mean DEADLY! LOL
I tried to watch Today's wrestling. I can't get into it. I don't know most wrestlers today. Please take me back to 1980's wrestling! PLEASE!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

posted a photo
I'm so tempted to eat another Atomic fireball. Once I start, I can NOT stop. I bet there will be gone in a week. I'm serious about that. LOL
Mr Roper locked himself out of the apartment. He mentioned the water is running cold. They went inside; the soapy water came down the stairs
no more fireballs. I had enough for one evening. I probably had over 10 fireballs. tomorrow is another day for the fireballs. LOL
watching Three's Company's spin off, The Ropers, on Antenna TV. I haven't seen that show in a long time. I wished it last longer. Funny show
for some reason, some posts doesn't get through on the web. Damn! That sucks!
some posts have NOT show up on my account. I need to fix it. Hopefully, I won't mess it worst.
i hoped this works.
another tweet to test something out. there could be a double post!
I enjoyed watching Three's Company on regular TV again. Thanx, @AntennaTVonline! Yes, I have some seasons on DVD. Love this funny show!
The fireball is too hot. I kept on taking it out of my mouth. It's burning hot!
another Atomic Fireball. LOL
I'm not surprised that $h*! My Dad Says season finale is tonight on CBS. I don't think it will come back for a second season. Oh well.
From TV Guide web site, 56 issues for $14! From Amazon, 56 issues for $39.96. Hmm, what's the better deal? Oh, man! I can't decide! Help Me!
I have been eating Atomic Fireballs all evening long. I kid u not! Long time ago, I ate them all day long, nothing but the fireballs. LOL
Interesting question. How come we can NOT get @twitter public timeline on twitter for iPhone? I realized we don't have it.
Mike called from Smart & Finale. He's getting Atomic Fireball, Malt O Meal, Oreo cookies & Country Time Lemonade. I hoped it's NOT too much
so cold. i turned on the heater!
Medication time. Then, I will eat a late lunch at 2.
great day, so far! I heard we may get rain this afternoon.
The mailman is here! Whoopee!
I used the inhaler. For sure, I will walk home very slowly. I don't want to rush home. I will take my sweet ass time.
Getting the aqua now at the grocery store. I'm out of breath. I must use the inhaler soon. Seriously!
More aqua
I rested enough. I'm getting another FIVE gallon bottle to be refill. Yes, I have two five gallons bottles. I don't have to go every week.
Leaving in about 15 minutes. I will be ready to go. So ready that I can leave NOW if I want to, but I need my 15 minutes of fame! Okay!
I'm going to rest for a little while before I get more water at the grocery store. I still need to refill the OTHER 5 gallon bottle. Aqua!
I'm going to rest for a little while before I get more water at the grocery store.
I still need to refill the OTHER…
Waiting for the bus w/ mike. He will sign up for school again, get a new ID at DMV & get some oatmeal at Smart & Finale. Me? Some aqua!
I just died and went to Heaven. Xena: Warrior Princess is on sale at Amazon! I always wanted to get my favourite show on DVD. I missed Xena!
I decided to get Entertainment Weekly for two years. The price is $35. I can't beat that.
I may get Entertainment Weekly. I haven't read that magazine in a few years. I was a long time subscriber. $15 is a great deal for one year!
Thinking of getting Entertainment Weekly. I haven't read that magazine in a few years. I was a long time subscriber.…

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm getting sleepy. Good night. Sweet dreams. Have a great day tomorrow.
for a former federal agent, I can't believe Phillip will betray his Survivor team members like that. He is a slimy snake! He's a low life!
Survivor is off to a great start! The tribal council was pretty exciting. I don't like Phillip; he have a big mouth. Shut up, Phillip!
If u don't want any spoilers about the reality TV shows like Survivor, don't be on the web before, during & after the broadcast! Survivor
American Idol is two hours tonight. I'm going to miss the first hour. I really want to see Survivor tonight. It's going to be fun!
One more hour until survivor. Anxious to watch. More like dying to watch.
Going to have a quick hostess cupcake. Love those creamy filled suckers!
Dinner tonight is chicken and potatoes. The cook is Mike. The hunger is yours truly.
I can't shop online for groceries. I have to be in the store to look around. It's much better that way. I can't feel anything like the bread
I'm still thinking about changing my REAL name. I want a NEW name for a NEW beginning. I deserve a new beginning. Goodbye, me. Hello, me!
Enjoying my day in bed; watching TV. I feel much better, unlike yesterday. I don't want to come down w/ something again. I Hate being sick!
The rain is in LA. I didn't went grocery shopping yet. I want to get food before the rain came. Damn! I'm going to starve to death. LOL
Don't forget! Survivor: Redemption Island starts tonight on CBS at 8 PM. Check your local listings. I can't wait to see the new season~
OMG! A guy robbed the drug store w/ a gun. He pulled the gun on Carl. Carl shot him. A while later, the robber is DEAD. He deserves to die!
Eating rice krispies with a cup of milk. I hardly use any milk in the cereal. I hate SOGGY food to eat. It make me to throw up like now. LOL
This feels like the weekend! Sadly, it's the middle of the week. Hurry up, weekend. Please get here!
My apartment is cold from the outside AND the fan. Yet, my body feels too hot. Not a good sign at all. Another beating for my body!
what a rainy day in Hollywood! I'm not going anywhere.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm not cold any more. I'm too damn hot. My body have been taking a beating all day long. It's one hell of a rollercoaster ride.
I was under the blankets over two hours. Sadly, I'm still too cold. I may stop taking my medications. I think it's NOT making me any better.
Mike is seeing the tax lady now. We waited for a little while. I think we leave in 30 minutes. I'm quite bored! Help me!
Going w/ mike to do his taxes. I really don't want to go. I still feel like crap. Someone need to pay them and, sadly, that's me again. LOL
It seems like no one is hardly playing treasure madness any more. There are less comments to their @facebook posts. Seriously!
Going back to sleep. Good night. Sweet dreams.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Making popcorn for mike. Ain't love grand? LOL
A very interesting hour with Oprah & Roseanne. I'm glad I'm watching @Oprah
I opened the cupcakes fast. I accidentally drop them on the ground! That's my breakfast. I took a bite. Mike mentioned throw them away. Oops
I think I have some cupcakes for breakfast with some milk. I really need something to eat. I'm very hungry.
Thinking of changing my name to something else. Something awesome of that nature. I'm so tired of my name. I need something new & different.
Woke up. I can't sleep. I'm too hot. The fan is on me. Hopefully, I will get extremely cold. Then, fall asleep. 2:40 am is too early for me!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tomorrow, buy some groceries before the rain come on wednesday. I really need food. I'm running low. I don't want to starve to death. LOL
I'm still watching Gimme A Break w/ Nell Carter. I love the theme song. The family got a Rubik's Cube. I had that as a kid. I have it now.
They need to bring more seasons of Gimmie A Break on DVD soon. Also, Mama's Family. Please hurry up! I'm dying to add them to my collection!
Going to brush my teeth. Then, lay in bed for some hot sexual loving TV. What a life! (yes, I won't have sex with the TV.) LOL
medication time! Yuck! Double yuck! Triple yuck! Gag me w/ a spoon. Better yet, stab me w/ a knife. I take it back. Shoot me w/ a gun. LOL
I really hate the white cop on Sanford & Son. He's the most stupid white cop ever. I love his black partner; he's one smart dude!
I better lay down soon. My body is heating up. I don't want to pass out. I need my fan on me. Also, I need to take my medication right now.
Please take a look at the aweomse artistic pictures! very talented!
Whenever I sign up for a web site, some want EIGHT digit password. That majorly sucks. I normally use SIX for my password. I like using SIX!
having a great day. very peaceful and relaxing. how's is your day?
Morning! How's everyone on this fabulous Sunday? There's no church today. I haven't been to church in a long time. I went one time last year

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mike mentioned we haven't watch I love Lucy in a long time. Maybe, tomorrow. We could watch the kids on here's lucy. Love that show too.
I felt a bad taste of the medication back in my mouth. It still tasted so damn awful. I took the meds an hour ago. I hate the bad taste!
I got to say this twice. "Watching my favourite show in my queen size bed. Life is good with the golden girls!" Love this show very much! :)
thinking of getting @twittelator for my iphone. Like I said before, I have TOO many twitter apps. I have to start a twitter folder soon. LOL
Showers is coming this Wednesday until Saturday. Damn! I still need to do my grocery shopping. I hardly have any food at my place. Help me!
Damn! I have too many twitter apps on my iphone. Way too many! I need to start a twitter folder soon. I can't keep up with them. LOL
This sucks! I couldn't sign off brizzly. I deleted it from iPhone. Wouldn't u know it? I looked for it. The app store don't have it. Boo!!